Addalyn Clements back at home for her final days after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia

BEAUTIFUL: Addy Clements. Picture by CHERYL BAKER PHOTOGRAPHYThe story of Addalyn Clements wasn’t meant to go this way.

Little Addy, in her all innocence and strength, was supposed to defy the odds and make it to the finish line.

But, instead, the little girl who stole our hearts to generate a landslide of blood donations has come home to live out her final days.

Just months after receiving a bone marrow transplant – expected to save her life – Addy, of Tenambit, has been dealt the cruellest blow of all, with an aggressive leukaemia invading her body.

But this time it’s a battle Addy will not win.

“There is no easy way to say this, but it’s something that has to be done,” Mrs Clements revealed on the Unicorns for Addy Facebook page.

“We have received the results of Addy’s BMA … the results are not good and far, far worse than expected.

“Her myeloidysplasia was not killed during the chemotherapy conditioning phase and, in fact, has transformed into an aggressive leukaemia.”

Mrs Clements goes on to explain that there are no further treatment options left for her little girl.

“There is nothing more they can do for our Addy, no treatment that they could offer to her would kill the cancer now and if they did it would most ­definitely shorten her lifespan, making her very ill and she would end her life in hospital,” she posted.

“We had the option to bring her home on palliative care to enjoy what time we have left with her.”

Although the Clements family hasn’t been givena definitive timeframe, it is believed Addy has only weeks, possibly a month, to live.

“We have plans to make the next few weeks as happy and fun-filled as we possibly can so that her final stay with us is as happy and carefree as possible and make many more memories with our baby girl.”

Family friend Amy Moore said the Clements ­family was doing as well as could be expected.

“They’re just trying to make these final weeks as fun as possible,” Ms Moore said.

“They’ve celebrated a last Christmas together and they’ve received a lot of lovely donations, but it’s still hard to comprehend.

“Addy is as lively and lovely as usual and you just can’t believe what’s going on in her body.

“But she’s just enjoying her life. In this case ignorance really is bliss.”

A fundraiser for the Clements family will be held at the Regal Hotel, Tenambit, on Sunday, August 30 from noon. People can also donate money to the Amy Moore Trust Fund Addy Clements at The Mutual – BSB 646 000 – account 100058289.

Source: Maitland Mercury