Big Bang Theory actors are the world’s highest paid television stars in 2015

Jim Parsons’ made $US29 million, while his male co-stars took home $US20 million.Two and a Half Men actors John Cryer and Ashton Kutcher took home a combined $US35 million.

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson was paid $US500,000 more than his on-screen husband Eric Stonestreet.

Jennifer Lawrence ranked highest-paid actressRobert Downey Jr. is highest-paid actor

Movie actors are notoriously well-paid for their work, but a new Forbes list shows television actors can also make a killing on the small screen.

On Wednesday, Forbes revealed 2015’s highest paid television actors, and the top 15 is a mix of anything from hunky doctors to geeky mathematicians.

Some of the highest-paid male television stars belong to sitcom The Big Bang Theory, with Jim Parsons – famous for his Sheldon Cooper alterego – coming in first place.

Parsons’ salary this year was a whopping $US29 million, putting him on par with movie actors like Leonardo Dicaprio ($29 million) and Johnny Depp ($30 miliion).

Television salaries appears to be on the rise. In 2013, Ashton Kutcher was the highest paid thanks to a salary of $US24 million.

This year, fellow Big Bang Theory actor Johnny Galecki came second with a salary of $27 million, while Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar made $20 million.

NCIS star Mark Harmon also made $20 million this year, tying in third place with Helberg and Nayyar.

Two and a Half Men – which finished in February – also boasted some of the highest-paid stars.

Ashton Kutcher and John Cryer made $20 million and $15 million respectively.

Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano and Grey’s Anatomy dreamboat Patrick Dempsey both made a handsome $15 million each, while Aussie Simon Baker was paid $12 million for The Mentalist.

Rounding off the list was Modern Family actors Ty Burrell ($11.5 million), Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ed O’Neill ($11 million each) and Eric Stonestreet ($10.5 million).

In last place was Netflix stablemate and House of Cards star Kevin Spacey on $9.5 million, a generous amount which indicates streaming networks are becoming major players in television.

The list included no women in the top fifteen this year.

World’s highest-paid television actors in 2015

1. Jim Parsons – $US29 million

2. Johnny Galecki – $US27 million

3. Mark Harmon – $US20 million

4. Simon Helberg – $US20 million

5. Kunal Nayyar – $US20 million

6. Ashton Kutcher – $US20 million

7. Jon Cryer – $US15 million

8. Ray Romano – $US15 million

9. Patrick Dempsey – $US12 million

10. Simon Baker – $US12 million

11. Ty Burrell – $US11.5 million

12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – $US11 million

13. Ed O’Neill – $US10.5 million

14. Eric Stonestreet – $US10.5 million

15. Kevin Spacey – $US9.5 million