Liam and Conrad’s Hotplate return – they’re back

They’re back: Liam and Conrad’s Hotplate return They’re back: Liam and Conrad have returned to The Hotplate to judge the remaining four restaurants.

TweetFacebookHotplate’s Liam and Conrad returned in Tuesday’s episode, proving they really are “harder to get rid of than a red wine stain”.

Mandurah’s queens of criticism have returned to judge the remaining four restaurants, with fellow evictees Christina and Tania, from Perth.

With Queensland’s Emi and Marie first off the rank for judging, the two Western Australian couples sat down, with 26 other diners, to judge the three-course dinner at Bird’s Nest.

While not all of the contestants looked happy to see them, Conrad and Liam took on the challenge as if no time had passed at all.

“I fell right back into the swing of it without any hesitation,” Liam said.

“Emi and Marie hold a dear place in our hearts and we’re glad they were the first restaurant,” Conrad said.

“And I think Nols and Lozz were happy to see us; Aaron and Vanessa probably not so much.

“Aaron was not impressed at all.”

And who would have thought Japanese whisky was all the rage in high-class culinary?

Emi and Marie’s on-trend ingredient, certainly scored points with the Mandurah duo, who had little to fault about any of Emi and Marie’s dishes.

The boys were as honest as ever with scoring – with no competition riding on their responses, why wouldn’t they be?

“We’ve always been honest with our scoring,” Liam said.

“And we mark on what we see on the plate in front of us, not on personal reasons.”

“And the girls’ yakitori is something that’s quite trendy and unique to them in Brisbane, which we really respect,” Conrad said.

“We actually feel like we let the girls down a little bit, leaving when we did.

“It was really disappointing to see them other contestants commenting the way they did [during the previous round].

“We wish we were there to protect them a little bit because they didn’t understand the experience needed to cook what they did.

“And a lot of them are really fussy eaters and how can you judge if you didn’t eat all of it?”

There’s no lying that the two WA couples aren’t each others’ cup of tea, clashing in opinions on a few occasions, including disagreements about the use of carpet in restaurants.

So with the four isolated from the rest of the contestants, how did the flames not flare during the dinner?

“We try to get along with each other, but we do clash,” Conrad said.

“We’re just two different sets of people.

“What we look for when judging isn’t even on their radar.

“They have a more self-centered focus.

“And I should probably mention that I will have to correct Christina and tell her the difference between astro-turf and carpet.

“I don’t have an issue with carpet in restaurants, just dirty carpet in restaurants.”