Nike ready to mass produce Jarryd Hayne San Francisco 49ers jerseys

Flying off the shelves: The white and black options available at the 49ers’ online store. Photo: shop49ers杭州夜网mDENVER:Sporting giantNike isready to push the button tomass produceJarryd Hayne49ers jerseys afterunprecedented sales over the past fortnight.

Custom-made “Hayne 38” jerseys are in high demand after the 27-year-old Australian’s stunning opening to his NFL career,bursting into stardom after just two preseason games.

Given Hayne is yet to cement a spot on the final 53-man roster, his jersey has to be custom made by retailers – but that hasn’t stopped 49ers fans from jumping on the Hayne plane in numbers the club’s flagship store at Levi’s Stadiumhasnever seen before for an undrafted rookie.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s crazy,” a 49ersstore salesman told Fairfax Media.”Not only do I watch pro football, but I watch other sports too and this is unheard of. It’s incredible, his jersey is in high demand right now.He’s exceeded a lot of expectations transitioninginto NFLfootball. He’s a wonder kid. He’s in such high demand right now.

“The jerseys are custom madeand they aregoing off the shelves. We started making some custom jerseys for him about two weeks ago just prior to the first preseason game. But the media following and buzz around him havepeople interested.I’ve made about 10 or 15 custom jerseys myself. People are coming in and asking forHayne38 and waiting40 minutes to get that jersey custom made and tailored to their size. It’s grown men, it’s women. Everyone wants a piece of him at the moment.”

On the club’s official merchandise store website, Hayne’s jersey leads the page with five different options available to men ($US99.95), women ($US94.95)and youth ($US69.95).

At the moment his jerseys are all being custom made, however the 49ers have made contact with apparel partners Nike and are ready to begin bulk production.

“We have a back-up plan in place, yeah,’ the 49ers store salesman said.

“For now we’remaking that many customisations that we’re trying to get ahead. ButNikeare in the work of having his jerseymass produced to go on sale.Of course thefinal signing would be the Chargers game in our house on the 3rd of September. If he makes the squad then Nike will push the button on mass producing those jerseys.We have the jerseys and it won’t be long before we have personal custom items like playing cards and T-shirts.”

Figures on the number of Hayne jerseys sold areunavailable given they have all been custom made in stores,but it is estimated it’s gone well beyond three figuresalready.

The hype around Hayne continues to go grow back home and abroad, with many fascinated by the story of the kid from Minto.

“The limelight and the story. He’s come out of nowhere and transferred his skills excellently,” the 49ers store representative said.

He’s got agreat work ethic. The Niners fans are trying to figure out how he works. Ifollow rugby so Iknew who he was before he woreour colours. It’sthis running ability – they are amazed with what they see. How does he do it, they ask. It’s quite a story.”

It’s the second time this year there’s been a rush on jersey sales for an unheralded Aussie in the US after Cleveland Cavaliers’ MatthewDellavedova became the highest-selling NBA singlet during the finals.