The Chaser to return to print with crowdfunding campaign

Fundraising campaign kicks off for The Chaser magazine. The Chaser team: Andrew Hansen, Chris Taylor, Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello and Craig Reucassel

The team from The Chaser is going back to the future with a plan for a quarterly print magazine.

The comedy group which found fame with CNNNN in 2002, followed by The Chaser’s War on Everything, is reviving one of its first projects: a satirical newspaper titled The Chaser. The paper once famously printed John Howard’s private and unlisted home phone number on its front page.

Sixteen years later, The Chaser is bucking publishing trends and canvassing fans, via the crowdfunding website pozible, for the $50,000 required to get the quarterly publication off the ground.

The fundraising pitch on Pozible reads like a script for a Chaser show, providing a loose description of how the funds will be allocated.

“This brings the total budget to $2,055,300 (including tax lawyers), which means that if we raise $50,000, we should be in for a healthy tax loss of $2,005,300. Happy days.”

The comedy group has also made an inspiring mock fundraising video as part of the callout, claiming The Chaser Quarterly is “everything you want it to be”.

The Chaser’s members are Andrew Hansen, Chris Taylor, Chas Licciardello, Craig Reucassel, Dominic Knight and Charles Firth. Contributors from the original Chaser team are involved, including David Stewart, Shane Cubis, Fiona Katauskas, Andrew Weldon, Oliver Watts, Johanna Featherstone and Gregor Stronach.

The campaign coincides with the National Library of Australia completing a digitisation project of the original editions of The Chaser (1999-2005) newspaper which are available in Trove.

The group’s most recent production is The Checkout, a consumer rights program for the ABC.