TRY THIS: The Oily George Espresso Bar – positively buzzing

The Oily George cafe baristas Sam Phipps and Tegan Rossiter. Picture: Jonathan CarrollTHE OILY GEORGE ESPRESSO BAR

Address: 38 Georgetown Road, Georgetown

Open: Monday to Friday 6.30am to 2pm; Saturday 7am to noon; Sunday 8am to noon.

Phone: 0473 075 573

Website: Facebook The-Oily-George-Espresso and @the_oily_george on Instagram

A traditional treat: A cappuccino and a muffin. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

COFFEE. They love to drink it, pour it, make it, talk about it and, most of all, share it at The Oily George Espresso Bar in Georgetown.

Named in a nod to sister cafe The Good Oil in Wallsend and the suburb of Georgetown itself, the cafe opened about three months ago and already positively buzzes with both good vibes and the keen chatter of locals and visitors chasing a caffeinated buzz.

The quick grab espresso bar – modelled on the European style of espresso bars – serves coffee from Port Macquarie’s Peak Coffee. The Oily George serves a blend and a changing single origin from the roaster, which is known not only for excellent coffee but personal relationships with the plantations and growers from which they source their beans.

Local Alison Reid enjoys the relaxing vibe. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Similarly, the staff at The Oily George – including baristas Tegan Rossiter and Sam Phipps – strive for personal relationships with their customers. They know many by name and by order and are always keen for a chat from behind the coffee machine even as they pump out orders.

While some punters drop in for a quick takeaway, others linger longer outside soaking up the sun – perhaps with their dogs too – and others take a perch inside on stools made with repurposed hessian coffee bags. There’s a community library (take a book, leave a book) inside too, while the little customers can indulge in some chalk art after their free baby chino.

Chalk art – this time by the professional Just Joel – also adorns the walls of the espresso bar. There’s the huge world map above the coffee machine which will soon feature the different origins of coffee from around the world, while another wall features chalk art of a coffee farm at sunrise.

Though coffee is undoubtedly the focus of The Oily George, the espresso bar also serves a selection of fair trade and organic teas, chai lattes, frappes, smoothies and milkshakes.

They also have a selection of baked daily muffins in flavours such as strawberry, dark chocolate and coconut, berry white chocolate and coconut, and banana and triple berry.

There are gluten-free friands and savoury options too, such as bacon, pumpkin and spinach frittata.